LIVE: Interview with Yungzee Onos (OGSMRECORDS). Bee Praiz Blog.

Live: interview with Yungzee Onos (Bee Praiz Blog)

How did you get involved with music?..

Yungzee Onos

I started doing music since my childhood days in Warri, there’s always music in everything I do as a kid and that’s because I enjoy music to the soul. Growing up I joined the choir in my church, from there I joined a musical band so I started growing in music stage by stage till now.

How did people receive your song โ€œ Long Timeโ€?

Yungzee Onos

Long Time is a nice lyrical song which gave Nigerians and Africa the edge to relate with it properly. Long Time got massive downloads/streaming from all over the world and it’s still rocking till date.


What is the concept behind your new song “Pay Day”?

Yungzee Onos

The concept behind my new song Pay Day was motivated by what’s going on in Nigeria and around the world today, etc” Poverty and the raising Unemployments rate. The youths are not really cared for so I did pay day to reach out to the youths in order to encourage them to be more focused in every aspects of their life to grow. Like I said in my lyrics (For every working hand, there’s a Pay Day)

Are you signed to a label?

Yungzee Onos

Yes I am signed to an independent label, OGSM Records ( Oh God Success Music ) and it’s really interesting for me because we are progressing day by day, and making good music is our hobby. I give thanks to God for my label and teammates because we put in lots of energy in what we do.

Who are the influences on your music career?

Yungzee Onos

Well first I will say it’s God because when ever I think of his goodness in my life I sing to praise his name. Secondly, the one man that really influenced me so much is Tu Face Idibia.

Whatโ€™s your perception of the Nigerian music industry right now?

Yungzee Onos

The Nigerian Music Industry is doing much better and growing by the day, we are being heard all over the world right now. I know in some few years from now the Nigeria music industry will be the very number 1 when it comes to Africa music and Iโ€™m here to contribute my effort.

How do you plan on improving your music craft?

Yungzee Onos

Basically I am improving every day because I learn every day as well so I try to look at my previous jobs and touch the areas that needed improvement and that makes me better daily.

Do you see you having a long term career in music?

Yungzee Onos

Yes sure, I intend doing music forever as a career because music means everything to me, I am music myself so I know I can’t live without music.

What do you think will stand you out?

Yungzee Onos

My uniqueness stand me out because I am a brand of his own and when you hear my songs you know this is Yungzee Onos, I am trying to sound or be like someone else.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Moonly Goon says:

    Good view and sense of humor regarding his career.


  2. Efe says:

    Great talents out there.


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