President ‘Robert Mugabe to be dismissed tomorrow

LIVE: ‘Robert Mugabe to be dismissed tomorrow

Zanu-PF party will remove Robert Mugabe’s wife Grace as head of Zimbabwe’s women’s league, say reports


Zanu-PF to reinstate ousted Emmerson Mnangagwa as party’s vice-president, it is reported.


Zimbabwe’s ruling Zanu-PF party to meet on Sunday morning to dismiss Robert Mugabe as leader, Reuters reports.


Protesters got within 200m of the gates of the State House complex, Mr Mugabe’s official residence before soldiers barred their progress. Hundreds have apparently staged a sit-in near the building.

Worth remembering that Mr Mugabe is in his “blue roof” residence in the Borrowdale suburb of the city.


Hundreds of Zimbabwean nationals have gathered outside the country’s embassy in central London calling for Mugabe to resign, Reuters has reported.


War veteran leader Victor Matemadanda, addressing a rally in the township of Highfield, tells people: “Let us now go and deliver the message that grandfather Mugabe and his typist-cum-wife should go home.”


Nephew Patrick Zhuwao has said Robert Mugabe has no intention of stepping down in order to “legitimise the military coup”


Matemadanda, a leader of the war veterans in Zimbabwe – once Mugabe’s allies – calls on the crowd to march on his infamous “blue roof” residence.


Patrick Zhuwao, nephew of Robert Mugabe, says the leader and his wife are “ready to die for what is correct”.

He has claimed seven people were killed in the coup, although he has not provided any details about their identity.

Mr Zhuwao says he is in hiding in South Africa, and claims his uncle has “hardly slept” since the Zimbabwe military seized power.

He claimed the military had engineered protests in Harare to disguise the “coup”.


• Robert Mugabe reportedly to be dismissed as leader of ruling Zanu-PF party

• President’s wife Grace could be removed as head of the party’s women’s league

• Ousted Emmerson Mnangagwa may be reinstated as vice president

• Thousands of people protest in Harare calling for the 93-year-old president to go


Soldiers have blocked thousands of protesters as they tried to march on President Mugabe’s official residence in Harare


The country’s state-run broadcaster is calling the country “free and liberated”.

The broadcaster is showing footage of speeches at a rally where speakers have declared “this is the new Zimbabwe”.


Just one week ago open dissent like this would have been met by violent reprisals by security forces.

As many as 10,000 people are thought to be at the protest in Harare, with witnesses describing a joyous atmosphere


Former Zimbabwe cabinet member David Coltart says a “massive march” is taking place in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe’s second city.

He said: “I never thought I would see the day as we marched past central police station without being arrested! Amazing scenes.”


South Africa President Jacob Zuma has said he is “cautiously optimistic” that the situation in Zimbabwe will be resolved “amicably”.


Trevor Ncube is editor of the Zimbabwe Independent and Standard newspapers

Demonstrators have been removing street signs with Robert Mugabe’s name on them and stomping on them on the ground.

Soldiers at the State House, which is the 93-year-old official residence even though he now lives elsewhere, have been waving at people in the crowd. The military clearly supports this rally.

On Friday, the ruling ZANU-PF called for Mr Mugabe to resign.

Main state newspaper The Herald – once a loyal mouthpiece for the 93-year-old – said branches of the party in all 10 provinces are also calling for Grace Mugabe to quit.

A senior member of ZANU-PF told Reuters: “If he becomes stubborn, we will arrange for him to be fired on Sunday.

“When that is done, it’s impeachment on Tuesday.”

Speeches will be held at the Zimbabwe Grounds.

The location is symbolic because that is where Zimbabweans gathered to cheer Robert Mugabe after he returned from exile in 1980 following the guerrilla war against white minority rule.

Mr Mugabe’s opponents are among those at the rally.

The 93-year-old is in house arrest and his movements are controlled while talks on his exit from office continue.

Several thousand people have gathered in Harare to demand the resignation of President Robert Mugabe.

Mr Mugabe, 93, is thought to be asking for more time during negotiations with regional leaders.

But he has been left virtually powerless as his allies deserted him.

Protesters are hoping the rally – approved by the Zimbabwe military – will speed up the end of Mr Mugabe’s rule, which has been blamed for the collapse of an economy that was once one of Africa’s wealthiest.

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